Message from the East

From the East

Greetings Brethren, 
At our September Stated Meeting we passed the hat and took up a collection for the Hurricane victims in Texas which will be sent to the Grand Lodge of Texas for use in that matter.  Several lodges across the state have or will be taking up a collection for helping our brethren in Texas who are in great need.  We will be sending, at the time of this letter, $521.
We have two petitions this month.  A Father and Son who both petitioned to join and I hope that they can go through each degree together.  The 4 petitions from last month are either too young or have not lived in TN for a year yet.  No work for this month, several petitions in the process, several brothers learning their lectures.  Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we are not helping another lodge.
Please come out to help Masters Lodge #244 on Monday the 18th for 2 Entered Apprentice degrees.  Eat at 6pm, degree to follow.  5400 N Broadway St, Knoxville, TN 37918.  Let us show them some needed support.
We now have an online store and you can purchase a coffee mug that changes color to reveal the words, “From Darkness To Light” and “Charles H. McKinney Lodge #433” when a hot liquid is poured into the cup.  To view this in action or to purchase a mug, come to lodge or visit our lodge website at:
We also now have a McKinney Lodge app for the smartphone.  This enables us to keep up with the latest of what is going on in the lodge and message each other.  To get this app for your Android or Apple smartphone, just let us know what your email and phone number is and we will send you an invitation and add you to our user list.  
There will be a Masonic Booth at the County Fair from Sept-09 through Sept-16, come and hang out with us if you get a chance.
Curtis Phibbs
2017 Worshipful Master