Message from the East

From the East


Mr H, has been elected to receive the 3 degrees.  We may be doing a joint EA degree with Oriental Lodge on November the 16th.  Also Mr. M may be able to get his degree that night if work permits (referral from the Grand Lodge).  

Grand Lodge Deputy Grand Master for the State of Tennessee will be having a Quarry Meeting at the Scottish Rite on Thursday, November the 30th at 7PM.  All Master Masons are welcome to attend and ask any questions you may have to the GLDGM.  612 16th Street, Knoxville, TN 37916.  Parking behind the Scottish Rite authorized.

So far only about 5 names have been turned in for the Christmas Baskets.  In October, it was decided that all Surviving Widows receive either a Christmas basket or a Fruit Basket with a card and maybe flowers.  Contact Brother SW to have names added to the list.  If you have some special idea or something special that you would like to do for the widows, please let us know your idea or bring your gift!

Our New Lodge Aprons have arrived and were presented. 

We are still accepting book donations to help build up the Charles H. McKinney Lodge Library.  Brother JD, brought in two boxes and the checking out system is being put together. 

6 petitioners have turned in their petitions this month, 5 were passed to the investigation committee: Names not publicly published.

2 Petitioners are on hold waiting for 1 year residency or other: Names not publicly published.

Treasurers Report, those who have been asking about the Treasurers Report and wondering why we have not received one.  The Treasurer informed the lodge at the Stated Meeting that a Treasurers report is only given once a year and that is in January.  That is why the August, September, October and November requests for a Treasurers Report has not been received.

2 Brothers (names not publicly published) have been appointed to the Jurisprudence Committee, congratulations are in order!

Curtis L Phibbs, Jr.
Worshipful Master, 2017