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Petition to Join McKinney Lodge (Form Flow)

Or e-mail one of us below:

masonic_masterWorshipful Master, Past Master, Larry Frye

seniorwarden     Senior Warden, Morgan Thomasjuniorwarden     Junior Warden, Austin GliddentreasurerTreasurer, Past Master, Alan MayessecretarySecretary, Past Master, Edward Bryson


Past Master, Tim Powers

Past Master, Curtis Phibbs

Chaplain, John Nichols


chaplainChaplain, John Nichols

seniordeacon     Senior Deacon, Carl Weeks

juniordeacon     Junior Deacon, Mark Story

orator   Orator, Lodge Lecturer, Past Master, Alan Mayesmasonic_stewardSenior Steward, Andrew Schrack

masonic_steward     Junior Steward, David Otten


Tiler, Past Master (2017), Curtis Phibbs


Lodge Historian, Past Master, Larry Viles

master_of_ceremoniesMarshal, Larry Viles

marshall Master of Ceremonies, Past Master, David Webb



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Our Stated Meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month. Most Thursdays we meet to fellowship, so come on by and ring the bell at the door. Someone should be there by 6pm. We would love to see you there.


Grand Lodge of Tennessee’s website

United Grand Lodge of England

Petition to Join McKinney Lodge (Form Flow)

New Petitioners use Background Investigation Bureau, LLC

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Give two references (The references are not required to be Master Masons).